Highbury Ltd

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“I greatly value the support and expertise of the Highbury team. Their knowledge, and the friendly and supportive way they share it with us, has transformed our approach to IP. I am delighted we are working with them.”

Professor Simon Denny BA MA PhD FRSA
Holder of The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion
Director of Research, Impact and Enterprise

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“Highbury have worked with SBA since April 2014, providing business advice and coaching to SMEs and social enterprises under our Regional Growth Network contract. Rob Looker has also spent time with me discussing potential growth strategies for SBA and the need to raise investment to take advantage of opportunities to develop SBA and achieve sustainability. With Rob’s help I now have an increased understanding of the role of social investment in supporting SBA’s development, investor criteria and potential deal structures“

“Following on from these discussions, Rob recently facilitated a very positive meeting with Big Issue Invest who confirmed that subject to receipt of additional information and due diligence they would welcome the opportunity to support SBA. With support from Highbury we are now putting together an application for an initial loan of £50,000 to enable us to increase existing incubation provision and delivery of support in rural communities. In the longer term we will be seeking more significant levels of finance of around £200,000 to £300,000 (match funded from other sources) to support the development of two additional incubation sites.”

“We envisage an ongoing relationship with Highbury to support implementation of our plans and the development of longer term strategic plans to underpin future growth that include financial strategies to generate additional income and investment.”

Patricia Marks
Managing Director
Somerset Business Agency C.I.C
Chair of Taunton and District Branch Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
Acting Chair Somerset and Wiltshire Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

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“I can confirm that Christi Mitchell in her capacity as director of Highbury Ltd UK has provided key essential support and advice for my company Style Eyes Ltd and my charity Eye Need Sight since 2012 (registration number 1152660).”

“Christi scoped out our requirements and undertook an IP audit and company valuation to underpin commercialisation of our product and provided strategic advice to develop a business plan to secure the finance required to exploit my invention and take it to market. With her support we have secured match funding of £70,000 from the Technology Strategy Board and prepared an application for £500,000 under Horizon 2020. Christi has also introduced us to a range of social investors, including Big Issue Invest and Google Nesta, with a view to raising £500,000 capital for further development through the charity Eye Need Sight. She continues to provide essential support to help identify the type of finance most appropriate to our needs and ensure that we are well-positioned in negotiations.”

“Much of Christi’s work in supporting our strategic development has been provided on a pro bono basis and is greatly valued and of a high quality when funds are limited in the initial stages of a start-up. Christi has a wide range of knowledge which has made a significant impact on my company’s profile and credibility when approaching an established mature Optical Market place with a disruptive technology.”

“On reflection I would not be where I am now without her advice and support.”

Mr John D Snelgrove FBDO
CEO and Founder

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“In 2012 we were accepted onto the Replication in Action Programme, led by Social Enterprise UK, for social enterprises and businesses seeking to explore and pursue replication as a growth strategy. During the programme and since Christi Mitchell and Rob Looker of Highbury worked with us to develop our business model and strategies for growth, helping us to identify new and sustainable commercialisation opportunities and increasing our understanding of the role external investment could play in moving us to the next level of growth. As result we have secured places on - The Young oundation Accelerator programme and the current Big Venture Challenge programme through which we are hopeful of securing £200,000 investment to achieve our planned growth.”

“Highbury’s advice and support helped to stabilise our business by directly addressing some key challenges and enabled us to develop a business model and strategies that have provided a platform from which to seek external investment and move us to the next level of growth. We also have a clearer understanding of investor requirements and are able to articulate licensing and social franchising strategies to underpin our growth plans more effectively. Ch1isti’s experience in terms of licensing and working with investors to value the business and knowledge of due diligence requirements has been of particular benefit and value to us. Highbury have also referred, introduced or connected us with other individuals and organisations who have added value to our business.”

“I can highly recommend Highbury as they understand the issues faced by growing businesses and the steps required steps to develop and implement business models for growth and make things happen. Highbury have been a great help in supporting myself and humanutopia to develop and grow our business.”

Carlo Missirian
Partnership Director CEO and Founder

Christi Mitchell

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“We have been working on software models for a new field of personality computing with specific interest in voice sound and were keen to protect what IP we had a low cost. Accordingly, I was attracted to Christi Mitchell at Highbury for the following reasons:

Christi explained the concepts in simple way through cases and several activities based on her long experience in this field. She was always ready to answer with comprehensive explanations to questions and willing to share interesting cases she faced during her work. She is reliable, responsive and hard-working, supplying the right services at the right price.

So, in my opinion, if you want to capitalise on your good idea then Christi Mitchell is your one stop shop. She knows everything there is to know about the world of lgal IP and what she doesn't know, she makes up for in connections with people who do know.”

Simon Bell
Managing Director
EngageM8 Ltd

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“Christi Mitchell, in her capacity as Intellectual Property Director at Highbury Ltd, recently provide our team with help and guidance relating to our Intellectual Property, Intellectual Assets and the valuation of these assets.”

“Christi spent time with our team providing coaching and guidance on how we identify these assets, protect and develop these assets and then she carried out an IP Audit. This audit has been useful to our business because it prioritised future actions to be taken by PEOPLECERT International Ltd. and identified where we could add value to our portfolio and how best to protect and commercialise our future creative developments used in the business of online education and examination.”

“Following the above I would recommend Christi without any reservation.”

A.Byron Nicolaides
Chairman of the Group

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“Working with Highbury Ltd has been a revelation, not only is it a professional company with Christi providing a great service but the outcomes of the work are specific and very useful. IP is a hazardous minefield to most of us and Christi makes it feel simple and most importantly understandable. The service is super and the results speak for themselves. I would not hesitate to recommend Highbury in the strongest terms.”

Lorraine Calcott
Director at It does lighting ltd

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“Christi Mitchell in her role as a Director at Highbury ltd has been instrumental in her contribution with providing a detailed third party valuation ot bryttytfrom Highbury ltd.”

brytlyt is an early stage start-up developing a High Performance Database platform targeting the Big Data use case. We have unique patent pending algorithms that allow us to perform database operations in a way not previously contemplated and with unprecedented performance characteristics. Christi was recommended to us by a trusted and well respected individual in the intellectual property space. At the time we first spoke, brytlyt was in the process of identifying and approaching investors interested in providing the funding to commercialise the intellectual property. Key to this conversation with investors was the valuation conducted by Christi and her team. Significant effort was invested in this exercise. The process and output was detailed, in depth and accurate.”

“Christi's contribution was above and beyond what was require to provide the valuation. Her guidance, input and comment to the process and the project have been invaluable; born out of her experience in the intellectual property valuation and investment space. Christi has continued to provide ongoing iniormation and guidance to the project.”

“We are currently in'negotiations with a prospective investor with a view to securing; two rounds of finance. The initial round d £125,000 via SEIS will be used to develop the first commercial version of the product and securing initial customer interest via relevant, credible and appealing demos. The second round of £1,000,000 via EIS will be used to continue development of the product, execute a multiple channel marketing campaign, setup appropriate support teams and infrastructure and establish a presence in Europe and the US.”

“The work done by Christi and her team at Highbury has added significant value to brytlyt and this process.”

Richard Heyns
Founder and CEO

Robert Looker

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“Rob’s support has increased our understanding of social investment, how it can help to move us to the next level of growth and what investors look for in potential investees, facilitating initial meetings with Big Issue Invest and supporting the application process. We are now looking for an initial £100,000 investment from BII, probably in two tranches of £50,000.”

“Rob has alerted us to a number of other funding opportunities such as the Santander competition under which we secured £10,000 plus support. Through his connections he also helped to secure an additional £50,000+ in contracts and funding from a range of sources including DWP as well as SFA funding through Prospect Consulting.”

“Rob’s support has contributed significantly to early stage funding of our new Hackney store and the creation of 2 jobs to date that will shortly increase to 3 and the opportunity to deliver training to some 60 young people in Hackney in 2014.”

“Rob also helps us to access other support when needed and has referred, introduced or connected us with a range of individuals and organisations who have added value to our business, including identification of a potential new trustee for our charity with an existing IT platform that we hope to use to enhance the placement and employment side of the business. Genuinely, if Rob does not know then he invariably knows someone who does.”

“I can highly recommend Rob as he is grounded, practical and capable of thinking ’outside the box’ and has been a great help in supporting myself and Circle Sports to develop and grow our business.”

Turly Humphreys
Director Circle Sports
Founder Circle Community