Plan the Value

Stage 3 - Maximise the value of your ideas and innovations

During this third stage of development, our objective is to help you maximise fully the value of your innovations and products through comprehensive and wide-ranging management and planning.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Our approach to IP Management comprises the following:

Patent portfolio management
Managing the commercial process Click to view case study
IP valuation
Patenting strategy
IP income & cost forecasting
Building value in Intellectual Property (IP)/Intellectual Assets (IA)

Technology Transfer - enhancing the future value of your idea

We also cover technology transfer, to ensure that you take advantage of the most suitable partnering options and enhance the potential future value of your innovation for yourself and for your investors or partners. Topics explored here comprise:

Analysing your partnering options
Strategy valuation
Deal valuation
Deal structure
Accessing 'best fit' partners
Building the package

Stage 4: realising the value