Protect your Idea

Stage 2 - Protecting new ideas and innovations

The objective of this second stage is to reduce the financial and legal risks that inevitably arise when investing in technologies and products.

Market Research - establish the potential of a new idea

Using market research we will explore and establish the marketing potential of your innovation by focusing on six key aspects:

Financial planning
Business plans
Competitor assessment
TTBER: Technology Transfer Black Exemption Regulations
Regulatory guidance

Protecting your ideas and innovation

We also focus on how to best protect your innovation from plagiarism, theft or pirating. This involves planning a strategy to protect and police your intellectual property rights and take action against infringement when necessary. We will guide you in the following areas:

Choosing the best form of protection
Design right
Registered names
Trade secrets
Infringement management
Increasing the value of intangible assets

Stage 3: planning the value