New Innovations

Stage 1 - New Ideas: understanding the ideas and innovation

The objective of the first stage is to enable you as an inventor, or the organisation you represent, to fully understand and appreciate the value of the new innovation that you wish to develop. This involves a comprehensive technology audit followed by general business support and guidance.

Developing New Ideas - Technology Audit

Highbury's comprehensive technology audit covers five key areas:

Intellectual property (IP) due diligence
Realisable value
Commercial pathway
Pre-patenting strategy
Pre-partnering strategy

Pre-launch business support for new ideas

Highbury provides general business support and guidance to ensure you have covered all possible ground at this pre-launch stage. We put our experience at your disposal and assist you in the following areas:

Prior art searches
Business development planning
Patent & legal guidelines
Raising finance
Your business plan

Stage 2: protecting your idea