Managing the commercial process

Licensing is one form of commercial process which needs to move forward via a series of specific steps. Highbury can guide you through this and other commercial processes.

IP valuation

IP valuation is required in a number of situations – prior to seeking funds and prior to sale, licensing or other forms of commercialisation. You should not enter a negotiation without being fully aware of the current and future potential of your intellectual assets. We can help you by either building the valuation systems or by undertaking specific research to provide a valuation for you.

Patenting strategy

Higbury can help you defend your intellectual property in ways that will create value and protect your future patent and commercial position.

IP income & cost forecasting

You must assess your potential future income and the associated costs of bringing your product to market. Your patent agent files your patent application but it is not normally the patent agent’s job to tell you if this will be commercially worthwhile. In order to build for success and to minimise your costs, a financial justification is required at the start and at specific points in the business development process.

Building value in IP/IA.

You may be able to enhance the current and future value of your patents and Intellectual Property. This should be considered as part of the business development process. For example, you may need to review the option of franchising against licensing or direct sale of your product or technology.

Analysing your partnering options

It’s always worthwhile to analyse why specific companies are taking an interest in your Intellectual Assets. It’s probably because they want to add your product to their product range but it can also be that they want to halt the progress of a technology or product which may hinder market entry of their own property. Highbury can help you identify the reason before you enter into negotiation with the interested party.

Strategy valuation

There is a commercial need to evaluate the various strategies available to you. If you are thinking of raising funds this is a prerequisite of talking to any fund providers.

Deal structure

You need to assess how the achievable financial rewards would be of most benefit to you and your company. Using a set of well tried and tested calculations Highbury can help you forecast how the downpayment, milestone payments and future royalty together with equity options will impact on your cash flow and potential realisable value.

Accessing ‘best fit’ partners

You must be able to work constructively with your commercial partner. Over one third of deals fall apart because companies and individuals do not appreciate what is required from each party to create a profitable partnership. Once a deal is in place it is essential to have an active monitoring and communication system.

Building the package

There are a number of ways in which Highbury can help you ensure that your new inventions and those of your partner (based on your original technology or product) will grow together and enhance the potential future value for both parties.