IP Due Diligence

Background analysis that tests the robustness of Intellectual Property. A review of prior art, direct competition, indirect competition and potential patent variation on a country by country basis.

Realisable Value

An assessment of the potential value of the Invention/Intellectual property. This includes benchmarking against existing and similar deals.

Commercial Pathway

The identification of the most profitable and achievable take-to-market route. This includes an analysis of the steps required to gain product launch and sales in the most suitable territory.

Pre-patenting Strategy

Determining the most achievable and cost effective patent route:

Pre-partnering Strategy

Determining the most suitable commercial strategy for your product or technology. Reviewing the available options and helping you identify the best and most viable route to market.

Some options are:
Prior Art Searches

It can make sound financial and commercial sense to be aware of existing patents and journal abstracts. These could possibly mirror your own invention in some key aspects that hinder or prevent your patents being granted.

Business Development Planning

Success must be planned. Licensing and company start ups need a key business team able to:

Patent Guidelines

Patenting is a complex process. Highbury can manage the patenting process either directly or online. We can forecast your future patent costs and to take care of general patent maintenance.

Legal Guidelines

Out licensing, in licensing, company start-up and other forms of commercialisation require a series of legal agreements ranging from the Confidentiality Agreement to the Licence Agreement. These may require deal specific drafting, implementation and monitoring. We can provide you with simple guidance and advice or manage the whole process for you.


Individual inventors and start-up companies benefit from specialist advice at specific points in time but may not have the financial reserves to employ full time consultants. Highbury can provide support and guidance online, by phone or through a quick visit thus helping you in a way that meets your needs and suits your finances.

Raising Finance

Highbury can provide access to seed funds, business angles and venture capital finance.

The Business Plan

Highbury helps to create fine tuned, commercially sound business plans. We improve you chances of success by provide the neccessary information on Intellectual Property details, market evaluation, competitive review, take to market route and financial forecasts.