About Highbury

Highbury is a wholly independent consultancy that provides our clients with a wide range of business development services. We focus on industries whose lifeblood is the creation of new innovations, technologies and products. Our international client base covers many sectors such as biotechnology, healthcare, automotive and environmental.

Highbury is made up of two companies, Highbury Ltd located between London and Cambridge which services Europe, the Americas and Africa, and Highbury Pacific Ltd located in Auckland New Zealand which services Asia and the Pacific regions.

Meet the Highbury Team

We're very proud of the skills, capabilities and experience of our Highbury team.

Highbury's services are already helping:

The Highbury Model

Our model uses the Highbury teams combination of industry specific expertise, pro-active facilitating skills and diverse contacts. We can protect, exploit and manage your innovations to your advantage.

Highbury offers a service individually tailored to your needs that takes the strain off your organisation's processes and helps keep administrative costs and internal management time to a minimum.